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St Valentine Ideas – Sweets for your Sweet!

St Valentine Ideas – Sweets for your Sweet!

Share the love with Sweets!

St Valentine’s Day can be celebrated in any number of ways – from a romantic, intimate dinner with a significant other, to a fun  heart-theme party with cake! But no matter how you celebrate, February 14 is a day to take time out to enjoy something sweet.

At SanPietro Bakery in Montreal, we will be serving up, lots of Sweets for your Sweet!

St-Valentines Desserts

This year, we have Marshmallow hearts on top of Cupcakes.

Marshmellows heart

Or you may wish for a chocolate rosettes with a heart!

Chocolate Rossettes Heart

Or perhaps a cake, try this rose cake!

Bouquet of cupcakes

Or try our St Valentine cookies!

Valentine cookies

Cupcakes come in many flavours, with various messages on top of them.

Valentines cupcake cupid

Some cupcakes are sold as a group that spell out lovely messages!  L-O-V-E  or J’-T-I-A-M-E !

Valentines cupcake message

Enjoy, them all!

Valentine straw cookies

But most of all, Happy St-Valentine from us all @ SanPietro !

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